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What is the Glove Caddie?

The Glove Caddie from GloveRide is the golf accessory you never knew you needed. It attaches to your bag and becomes a permanent residence for one or multiple golf gloves, keeping them dry, accessible and in-tact. Let your gloves hang out between rounds so you never again have to search through your bag just to find a crumpled up, misshapen golf glove.


The Glove Caddie also includes a customizable poker chip ball marker that can be imprinted with your company logo for orders of 20 or more. Our custom branded poker chip ball markers and glove caddies make perfect personal or corporate gifts for any avid golfer. Order the Glove Caddie to make your next outing or tournament a hole-in-one today!

1. Carabiner attachment ring.


2. Poker chip opening with locks that will firmly hold the chip in place while also allowing for the chip to be removed and replaced.


3. Customizable with your logo poker chip ball markers.


4. Velcro fastening strip holds gloves tightly.

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