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Practical and Memorable:

The Best Golf Tee Gifts

How often do you go to golf outings and come away with branded promotional tees, balls, divot repair tools, etc? You're probably bombarded with enough merch to open your own driving range! Golf tournament gifts and giveaways are a good idea, but let's be real -- they're only useful if they're creative, memorable and practical. Sure, extra balls are practical, but once you've collected enough of them, you stop noticing the logos and stop remembering where they came from.


That's what makes the Glove Caddie from GloveRide so perfect -- it's a completely original golf tee gift. It's useful in every round of golf, it's affordable in bulk and you won't find anything else like it.


The Glove Caddie from GloveRide is an innovative way to store one or multiple golf gloves to ensure that they stay dry, unwrinkled and accessible. It easily attaches to any golf bag, becoming a stylish home for your glove(s). Whether hosting a company outing for your employees or running a tournament for the public, you should have unique, customized golf tee gifts to give away to participants; and the Glove Caddie is the ideal tool to get the job done. These cool golf outing gifts are a surefire way to not only please the crowds, but also to raise awareness for your brand, making your promotional efforts a hole-in-one!

For orders of 20 or more Glove Caddies, you have the option to custom brand the poker chip ball marker that comes with each unit so your logo stays at the forefront of recipients' minds during each round they play. So if you're looking for unique golf gift ideas to fill attendee goody bags at your next outing, order your Glove Caddies today!

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